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Today Rahu Kaal

Rahu Kaal Timing
Delhi, India
Rahu Kaal
08:51:39 - 10:36:41
Saturday 15th June, 2024
Rahu Kaal
Rahu Kaal is referred to as an inauspicious time of the day according to Hindu astrology. 'Rahu' is the name of an astrological planet and ‘Kaal’ means time in Sanskrit. This is the time of Rahu and it happens every day for about 90 minutes in between sunrise and sunset (though the duration can differ and the time may differ from place to place). Hence, we can happily say that Rahu Kaal does not prevail during the night time.
Sunrise 05:24:15 AM
Sunset 07:21:44 PM
Week Rahu Kaal Timings
Rahu Kaal - Delhi, India
10 June, 2024 (Monday)
07:06:09 - 08:51:00
11 June, 2024 (Tuesday)
15:50:40 - 17:35:33
12 June, 2024 (Wednesday)
12:21:06 - 14:06:02
13 June, 2024 (Thursday)
14:06:16 - 15:51:14
14 June, 2024 (Friday)
10:36:30 - 12:21:31
15 June, 2024 (Saturday)
08:51:39 - 10:36:41
16 June, 2024 (Sunday)
17:37:06 - 19:22:10
Rahu Kaal Timings for Major Cities
Rahu Kaal - Sunday 16th June, 2024
Rahu Kaal today in Delhi
17:37:14 - 19:22:20
Rahu Kaal today in Mumbai
17:38:54 - 19:18:43
Rahu Kaal today in Pune
17:34:09 - 19:13:45
Rahu Kaal today in Bangalore
17:11:13 - 18:48:10
Rahu Kaal today in Kolkata
16:42:21 - 18:24:00
Rahu Kaal today in Noida
17:36:30 - 19:21:31
Rahu Kaal today in Gurgaon
17:37:30 - 19:22:27
Rahu Kaal today in Lucknow
17:18:24 - 19:02:21
Rahu Kaal today in Jaipur
17:39:27 - 19:23:30
Rahu Kaal today in Chandigarh
17:42:35 - 19:28:55
Rahu Kaal today in Ludhiana
17:46:41 - 19:33:08
Rahu Kaal today in Jammu
17:54:12 - 19:41:49
Rahu Kaal today in Ghaziabad
17:36:19 - 19:21:23
Rahu Kaal today in Hyderabad
17:14:00 - 18:53:02
Rahu Kaal today in Dehradun
17:36:56 - 19:23:02
Rahu Kaal today in Thane
17:38:42 - 19:18:38
Rahu Kaal today in Nagpur
17:17:13 - 18:58:09
Rahu Kaal today in Faridabad
17:36:58 - 19:21:56
Rahu Kaal today in Kanpur
17:20:47 - 19:04:34
Rahu Kaal today in Jalandhar
17:48:33 - 19:35:15
Rahu Kaal today in Nashik
17:00:07 - 18:43:25
Rahu Kaal today in Patna
17:17:13 - 18:58:09
Rahu Kaal today in Amritsar
17:51:19 - 19:38:11
Rahu Kaal today in Varanasi
17:08:10 - 18:51:19
Rahu Kaal today in Shimla
17:41:49 - 19:28:23
Rahu Kaal today in Lucknow
17:18:24 - 19:02:21
Rahu Kaal today in Guwahati
16:35:38 - 18:19:18
Rahu Kaal today in Mohali
17:42:49 - 19:29:08
Rahu Kaal today in Agra
17:31:19 - 19:15:31
Rahu Kaal today in Karnal
17:39:54 - 19:25:35
Rahu Kaal today in Meerut
17:34:11 - 19:19:19
Rahu Kaal today in Patiala
17:43:27 - 19:29:32
Rahu Kaal today in Chennai
17:00:39 - 18:37:39
Rahu Kaal today in Vadodara
17:42:30 - 19:24:02
Rahu Kaal today in Ranchi
17:02:50 - 18:45:11
Rahu Kaal today in Bhubaneswar
16:50:52 - 18:31:24
Rahu Kaal today in Kolhapur
17:26:18 - 19:06:11
Rahu Kaal today in Ambala
17:41:24 - 19:27:27
Rahu Kaal today in Pathankot
17:50:05 - 19:37:24
Rahu Kaal today in Goa
17:29:52 - 19:08:00
Rahu Kaal today in Gwalior
17:28:43 - 19:12:13
Rahu Kaal today in Haridwar
17:35:39 - 19:21:30
Rahu Kaal today in Jalgaon
17:31:03 - 19:11:54
Rahu Kaal today in Cuttack
16:48:29 - 18:29:21
Rahu Kaal today in Hoshiarpur
17:47:44 - 19:34:34
Rahu Kaal today in Hisar
17:43:57 - 19:29:19
Rahu Kaal today in Mathura
17:33:15 - 19:17:38
Rahu Kaal today in Muzaffarnagar
17:36:37 - 19:22:10
Rahu Kaal today in Solan
17:41:39 - 19:28:05
Rahu Kaal today in Ajmer
17:46:34 - 19:29:07
Rahu Kaal today in Moradabad
17:31:10 - 19:16:21
Rahu Kaal today in Kota
17:36:38 - 19:19:43
Rahu Kaal today in Surat
17:42:18 - 19:23:15
Rahu Kaal today in bathinda
17:49:01 - 19:35:02
Rahu Kaal today in Assam
16:34:22 - 18:17:59

Rahu Kaal Today

In Indian culture, people always avoid Rahu Kaal Today to start anything new. Literally, it is believed by astrology that Rahu Kaal manifests malefic results on auspicious works, ventures, and activities.
Each day(from Sunday to Saturday) of the week is dedicated to the seven individual planets. Each of the seven planets rules the fixed day of the week. Following the tradition, ninety minutes of each day is dedicated to Rahu. The span of 1.5 hours, which is ruled by the shadow planet Rahu, is termed as Rahu Kaal.
So, astrologers suggest people follow Shubh Muhurat using daily Panchang & Choghadiya for all the auspicious ventures like Naam Karan Sanskar, upanayana, Vivaha Anushthan, Griha Pravesh, etc. Thus, Panchang Choghadiya Muhurat helps to avoid Aj Ka Rahu Kaal for any auspicious work.

Who Is Rahu? What Facts Hint Rahu Kaal As an Inauspicious Period?

The legendary facts of Puranas portray Rahu as a cunning Asur. After Amritmanthan (swirling of sea), a huge dispute arose between Devas(Sons of Aditi & sage Kashyapa) and Danavs(Diti & sage Kashyapa) in the matter of Amritpan. Then Lord Vishnu transformed himself into a nymph Mohini to protect the Amrit Kalash from the demons. Mohini successfully diverted the mindset of the demons and started to distribute the Amrit to the Devas. At that time, cunning Danab-Rahu dressed himself like Devas and received Amrit. At the same time, the Moon and Sun identified him as Asur. Instantly, Lord Vishnu beheaded Rahu with his powerful Sudarshan Chakra. As several drops of Amrit had already entered into Rahu’s body, Rahu achieved immortality.

The exact period when Rahu was beheaded is termed as ‘Rahu Kaal’. So, ancient Vedic astrology considers Rahu Kaal Today as an inauspicious period. Astrologers always forbid their clients to start any venture business activities or religious rituals during Rahu Kalam.

After being beheaded by the Mohini avatar of Lord Vishnu, the head of Rahu is known as - Rahu and the torso portion is termed as - Ketu. Brahmaji positioned Rahu & Ketu as one of the Navagrahas as they have special effects on natural elements.

Estimation Of ‘Rahu Kaal’ - Duration:

According to astrology, there is a fixed period every day from Sunrise to sunset when the malefic planet - Rahu spreads its shadow at a specific time. This specific period is termed as ‘Rahu Kaal Today’. It is explained in astrology that if you start any new works or ventures during Today Rahu Kaal , it will be incomplete.

Sunday: 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm, is Rahu Kaal.

Monday: 7:30 am to 9:00 am, is Rahu Kaal.

Tuesday: 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm, is Rahu Kaal.

Wednesday: 12:00 pm to 1:30pm, is Rahu Kaal.

Thursday: 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm, is Rahu Kaal.

Friday: 10:30 am to 12:00 pm, is Rahu Kaal.

Saturday: 9:00 am to 10:30 am, is Rahu Kaal.

But, it would be best if you remember that the accurate time of Today Rahu Kaal depends on the place and day. So, to calculate the Rahu Kaal in a new place, you need to know the accurate time of Sunrise and sunset in that place. Then, you have to divide the entire time from the Sunrise to Sunset into 8 parts. Then, estimate the 2nd part of Monday, 7th part of Tuesday, 5th part of Wednesday, 6th part of Thursday, 4th part of Friday, 3rd part of Saturday and 8th part of Sunday to find accurate Today Rahu Kalam.

People opt for the Rahu Kaal Calculator to find the appropriate Rahu Kaal Timing before the arrangement of any auspicious rituals, ventures and starting new business campaigns.

How Rahu Kaal Impacts Auspicious Rituals or Ventures With Malefic Effects?

During Rahu Kalam, astrologers never recommend any social ceremony such as marriage, engagement, naming ceremony, or religious ceremony such as Yagya, Havan, Puja, etc. According to astrology, there are high chances of facing obstacles and mishaps if you organize any social or religious rituals during Today Rahu Kaal . In specific cases, people may have to go through unpredicted loss, failures and delays if they become engaged with auspicious rituals during Rahu Kaal. So, the malefic effects of Today Rahu Kaal can affect the expected results of any auspicious ceremonies or rituals in diverse ways.

It is believed that when people start any new ventures, business campaigns or works during Rahu Kaal, they face ground-breaking betrayal by their friends or partners or known people due to the inauspicious effects of Rahu Kaal. The malefic force affects the mindset or power of judgment during Rahu Kaal. So, people can be involved in conflicts in relationships easily in Rahu Kaal. In most of the cases, the effects of Rahu Kaal disturb family life, causing a lack of understanding, reliability and support for each other.

How Rahu Kaal Overpower Mind?

Astrology explains how malefic forces on the air element overpower the mind during Rahu Kalam. In the inauspicious period of Today Rahu Kaal , any simple matter can spike the abilities of the conscious mind. As a result, people become the victims of confusion and wrong assumptions, which drive their minds to make wrong decisions to doubt closed ones. On the other hand, the power of the shadow planet - Rahu, creates mental illusions, which instigate people to fulfil materialistic desires. So, during Rahu Kaal, you can be greedy due to your unsatisfied inner self. Also, being obsessed towards something is quite natural during Today Rahu Kaal .

Why Does Rahu Kaal Always Manifest Malefic Energies?

The Shadow Planet: Rahu is full of manipulative energies, which can overpower the whole aura. So, there is no doubt about the dark power of Rahu to control our intense feelings or long-term activities. In general, during Rahu Kaal, due to the manifestation of the negative energies by Rahu, people can reach the highest level of their psychic state, which instigates a sense of ego, harsh attitude, anger, depression, etc.

The effects of Rahu Kaal can be more dangerous if Rahu pairs with Mars in your horoscope. The union of Rahu Mars turn the persons suspicious and manipulative, who can execute any mysterious skill to fulfil their intentions.

How To Bypass The Effects of Rahu Kaal If Rahu Is On The Bad Position in Your Horoscope?

The mythological facts, ancient cosmic events, and the nature of the shadow planet - Rahu, prove that Rahu Kalam is highly crucial for all. But, the people who experience the bad position of Rahu in their kundli must take specific measures to overpower their misfortune during Rahu Kaal as it brings lots of mental chaos to their lives.

  • Bad position of shadow planet - Rahu in your horoscope can turn your world into a full of miseries during Rahu Kaal. So, astrology suggests offering five lemons to the Goddess Kali.
  • If you are pissed off with negative energy during Rahu Kaal, take Chaumukha Deepak and light it with linseed oil. Then, you have to move the Deepak from your head to your feet almost seven times. Finally, you have to burn the Deepak in a specific place where four roads cross each other. Or you can burn the Deepak after the ritual under any peepal tree.
  • A specific ritual in the temple of Kaal Bhairav can keep you safe during Rahu Kaal. Only you have to chant Rahu Mantras, taking the coconuts in your hand, and then have to offer 4 coconuts in any Bhairav temple.

You have to check the local almanac to be sure about the accurate Rahu Kaal, and then you can execute all these measures to get rid of the misfortune and mental miseries during Rahu Kaal.

What Remedies Can Reduce The Effects of Rahu Kaal?

Common people carry tons of doubts and panic about Rahu Kaal. So, they often seek effective remedies to confront the malefic effects of Rahu Kaal. Renowned astrologers have recommended a few divine-antidote to keep the inauspicious powers of the universe at bay during Rahu Kaal:

  • Vedic astrology has represented Rahu Kaal as one of the most malefic periods of the day. So, during Rahu Kaal, astrologers suggest chanting the auspicious Durga Stotram to keep intact peace, prosperity, and divinity in any Hindu household.

Durga Stotram always boosts the power of inner-self to the highest level as people can confront conflicts and illusions in work, relationships or business deals during Rahu Kalam.

As the malefic planetary force affects the stability level of the mind during Rahu Kaal, chanting Durga Stotram kindle your power of mind to bypass the fear, anxieties, and dilemmas. So, with the auspicious Stotram of Adi Shakti Maa Durga, you can kindle the fire of positive thoughts in your mind, which will obviously keep you safe from the nightmares and loss of temper due to the mysterious effects of Rahu Kaal on your mind.

  • Well-known Hindu astrologers also suggest sindoor, mustard oil, flowers, black-coloured sesame, and coconut to Kaal Bhairava with full devotion to turn down the effects of Rahu Kaal. With these specific ingredients you need to chant the Beej Mantras of Kaal Bhairava during Rahu Kalam:

“Om Aim Hraam Kleen Shri Batuk Bhairavaya
Om Hreem Bam batukaya Apadudharanaya kuru Kuru
Batukaya Hreem Om Namah Shiyaye”
“Om Hraam Hreem Hroom Hrime Hroum Ksham
Kshetrapaalaaya kaala Bhairavaaya Namaha
Om Jlong Rahom Krom Uttar Nath Bhairavaya Swaha”

Both of these remedies help people to get rid of the inauspicious effects of Rahu Kaal. Moreover, as Rahu Kaal strongly affects mental ability, astrologers recommend daily meditation to keep the evil influences of Rahu Kaal at bay. With the habit of meditation, you must gather confidence, energy of calmness, and full power of concentration. So, with the power of meditation, you can keep your mindset intact during Rahu Kaal.

Do’s During Rahu Kaal:

  • People should follow the advice of their 'Guru' with full respect in their mind. According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter has the power to control the malefic vives of Rahu. So, as per astrology, if you pursue the recommendations of your 'Guru', you will get the best results during Rahu Kaal.
  • Try to wear an eight-faced Rudraksha to be safe from the effects of Rahu Kaal, as it manifests positive powers towards eight directions and improves the power of analytical thinking. So, with eight-faced Rudraksha, you can bypass the inauspicious effects of Rahu Kaal. As a result, during Rahu Kaal, this effective bead wipes away lethargy, gives the power to make righteous decisions and ensures expected results beyond the obstacles, delays, and mental dilemmas in Rahu Kaal.
  • Moreover, it would be best if you watered the coconut tree with full respect in mind every day to neutralize the malefic effects of Rahu Kaal. And if you worship Lord Shiva with full respect, you will be able to cope with the evil forces during Rahu Kaal.
  • If you can't avoid travelling during Rahu Kaal, you should consume sweets before keeping your step out of your house. Then, first, you have to step back behind, and then you should start your journey.
  • During Rahu Kaal, if you can not avoid any auspicious work, you have to offer Jaggery & Panchamrita to Lord Hanuman. Then, you have to chant Hanuman Chalisa with full respect. Then, after consuming the Prasad Jaggery or Panchamrita, you can start your auspicious work or ventures while Rahu is already shadowing on time.

Don't During Rahu Kaal:

  • During Rahu Kaal, you should not start any auspicious religious activities or social rituals. If you are going to start a long journey, you must check Rahu Kaal. Because Vedic astrology does not allow travel during Rahu Kaal. Also, modern astrology suggests starting new journeys either before Rahu Kalam or after Rahu Kalam.
  • During Rahu Kaal, you are advised not to start communication with business clients or not to send invitations to friends or relatives.
  • In the specific period of Rahu Kaal, you should not buy jewellery, vehicles, computers, gadgets, phones, land properties, homes, etc.
  • In the 90 minutes of Rahu Kaal, you should not take or give a loan; otherwise, you have to face tons of issues to repay the loan or get back the amount.
  • During Rahu Kaal, you should not be involved in any chaos or arguments in your personal or professional sphere. Otherwise, a simple debate can destroy your personal or professional contacts through misunderstandings and a short temper.
  • It would be best if you do not initiate any banking-related operations during Rahu Kaal.
  • Buying oil, wheat, and spices is considered inauspicious during Rahu Kaal.
  • In the period of Rahu Kaal, any kind of business conference training program should not be started.

All these facts explain that Rahu Kaal should be avoided for any new ventures social or religious rituals. Moreover, to protect your life from the dark energies of Rahu Kaal, you should meditate daily, as the malefic power of Rahu can not overpower your mental stability, peace, and decisiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a 'Shadow Planet,' Rahu has caused eclipses since the birth of creation. Hindu mythology claims that Rahu is a powerful demon who is directly involved in cosmic events such as eclipses of the Sun and Moon. The mythological facts in Purana portray the ancient rivalry between Rahu and the Sun Moon. So, it is believed that while Rahu swallows the Sun and Moon at a specific time, people on Earth experience eclipses, which cover the celestial presence of the Sun and Moon. Vedic astrology describes Rahu as a shadow planet.

So, during Rahu Kaal, there are huge chances to lose respect and dignity in the social sphere due to the effects of the malefic planet Rahu. In 1.5 hours of Rahu Kalam, anyone can be manipulated by vicious people. An intense feeling of fear, depression, anxiety, and emotional turmoil can disrupt the confidence level of people during Rahu Kaal. As Rahu extends its malefic shadow on the 1.5 hours every day, in this period, people often lose their temper, involve themselves in disputes with close ones, and lose support from friends and well-wishers. So, during Rahu Kaal, you have to be aware of the development of negative thoughts in your mind.

Rahu Kala puja is a specific ceremony that involves several religious performances during Rahu Kalam. In simple terms, Rahu Kala Puja is one type of ancient archana with few rituals to worship the snake God - Rahu. So, Rahu Kala Puja is considered an effective remedy to reduce the dark energy-driven karmic influences of Rahu Kaal. With Rahu Kala Puja, people pray to get rid of the negative influences of Chaya Graha - Rahu. So, if you want to escape from mundane desires such as mental dilemma, agitation, and indecisiveness during Rahu Kaal, you have to perform Rahu Kala puja.

The malefic nature of Rahu easily overpowers the ability of the ears, the entire brain, the neck, tongue. Thus, during Rahu Kaal, malefic forces block the conscience of people to act naturally. As a result, people are driven by their deepest desires, which are hidden in their dark subconscious mind. So, being affected by the malefic power of Rahu Kaal, people are often trapped in an inner dilemma as they can not manifest their spirituality.

Moreover, Rahu manifests greedy enthusiasm in the character of people. So, during Rahu Kaal, the bad intentions of people can cross the limits. As a result, people may go through betrayal, chaos and negative vibrations of nature during Rahu Kaal.

In general, people always want some remedies to bypass the effects of Rahu Kaal. There is no doubt that common people have a fear of the malefic power of Rahu in the depths of their minds. So, they should chant 'Om Raa Rahve Namah'. This mantra is so powerful that it helps all(regardless of the zodiac sign or age) to keep their presence and interaction safe during Rahu Kaal.

Malefic planetary influences of Rahu boost the negative habits in people, such as laziness, lack of decisiveness, confusion, and lack of reliability. So, during Rahu Kaal, people must face delays in the results or execution of plans. Besides, unexpected hurdles in the midst of work during Rahu Kaal are very natural.

The planetary effects of Rahu are full of dark energies. So, while Rahu is already in a bad position in your Horoscope, Rahu Kaal is highly unfortunate for you. So, if you want to sort out the problematic issues in your relationship, you must be careful about Rahu Kaal's effects. Try to stay calm and not be involved in any controversy during Rahu Kaal. Otherwise, the malefic effects of Rahu Kaal cause misunderstanding in relationships through the form of unrealistic expectations.

Moreover, if Rahu and Venus have come together in your Kundli, then Rahu Kaal offers a high level of instability in your relationship. In this condition, Rahu Kaal instigates all the issues that spread uncertainty and doubts in relationships.

According to the legendary facts of Purana, Rahu is the head of a vicious demon. So, it is natural that the evil effects of Rahu Kaal directly hack the confidence level and mental stability of people. So, astrologers suggest people wear Gomed stone to throw the disputes and negative impulses at the bay during Rahu Kaal. As a prominent gemstone, Gomed plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance between the energy field thought process of people during Rahu Kalam, as they can make righteous karmic decisions.

According to astrology, during Rahu Kaal, people go through confusion, mental illusion, and obsession with materialistic pleasures. So, if you chant Saraswati Vandana, you can drive your mind and the entire conscience to the sphere of spiritual energy. Thus, the dark illusions, which affect decisiveness, will be wiped away from your mind if you chant Saraswati Vandana during Rahu Kaal.

Marriage is such a social ritual that brings two people closer through promises and chanting mantras in front of God. Through marriage ceremonies, two people start their pious and committed journey in life, which impacts their whole lives. Vedic astrology always recommends an auspicious muhurta for weddings as the marital bond between two people manifests positive energies in their karmic relationship.

According to Hindu astrology, Rahu has all the characteristics of a demon. Moreover, as per the story of Purana, while Rahu tried to achieve Amrit with his vicious plans, he was beheaded by Lord Vishnu. So, Rahu Kaal is such a period when malefic planetary forces of Rahu overpower the positive ability of the mind and affect decision-making efficiency. Therefore, Vedic astrology never recommended Rahu Kaal as Shubh Muhurat for weddings.