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Now you must be thinking about astrology for real-life problems. Astrology has the strong power to explore the secrets hidden in the astronomical calculations that are written at the time of your birth. By knowing about the root causes and principles of karmas, you can always find the right pathway in your life and lead a meaningful life.

Moreover, gone are the days when you have to travel and spend days finding a suitable astrologer. Through the online services of Astrochopra, you can get safe, secure, and accurate predictions, solutions, and readings of your birth chart, marriage matching, career guidance, and other answers.

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Panchang for 17 July, 2024
New Delhi, Delhi, India
Sunrise: 05:35:18 AM
Sunset: 07:21:35 PM
Moonrise: 03:49:01 PM
Moonset: 01:22:41 AM
Vikram Samvat: 2081 Kalayukta
Shaka Samvat:1946 Krodhi
Amanta Month:Ashadha
Purnimanta Month:Ashadha
Paksha: Shukla
Tithi: Ekadashi upto 09:02 PM
Nakshatra: Anuradha upto 03:12 AM
Yoga: Shubha upto 07:02 AM
Karna:Vanija upto 08:54 AM
Rahu Kalam:12:27 PM - 14:10 PM
Abhijit Muhurtam:11:59 AM to 11:59 AM

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Vedic Astrology

We welcome you to the astrochopra, which provides complete and accurate astrology solutions for many problems that may occur in life. We cover a wide range of astrology services that can start from the basic horoscope and go to any extent possible in astrology.

Our website aims to offer you all-in-one solutions for all of your astrology-related requirements. The legacy of Indian Vedic astrology is a gift of our forefathers to the modern generation. It was initially invented for the welfare of society, and now you can also enjoy it through online astrology consultations. Vedic astrology is beneficial in solving real-life problems. As you need a medical specialist to deal with health issues in the same manner in your life, there can be several issues for wishing you need a spiritual mentor or astrology expert.

There can be many points when you feel very low and helpless. To deal with such problems, you need someone to stand by your side. For these situations, you can get hazel-free solutions to all of your issues with our website, astrology solution online. Our team will ensure that all the branches of astrology are covered, and a white range of conditions and astrological solutions are available for the client.

Astrology aims to inform individuals about the critical incident and events of their life based on the logical calculations of planetary positions at the time of their birth. The area of astrology is so watts that it can also study social groups and nations, and even it can also tell about everything, including the entire community. It can also include the study of the relationship of significant celestial moments. There is nothing that astrological consulting services cannot cover. So if you are looking for any solution for the general or routine life, you should never hesitate to contact us.


Seeking the services of an astrologer can make a big difference in your life. You may be feeling lost when you are not able to unlock the true potential of your personality. But you feel helpless when you cannot do anything about it. For this, you should hire our website services, where you can find the entire team to help you with real problems in your personal and professional life. Individuals can find solutions for the issues like love, money, success, career, marriage, parental conflicts, marriage issues, court cases, health, wealth, desired partner, and many more.

Astrologer is the right person who can study your birth chart and do the necessary calculations. He can also examine your birth chart and take the required measures. Based on the estimates, he will learn about significant events and the root cause of all the problems in his life. He can then suggest the correct advice you should follow to get the desired success and unlock all your potential. Only the astrologer can do the necessary calculations because it needs much knowledge and experience.

At our astrology solution, we prefer to keep good care of privacy and provide complete care to the customers. If you are looking forward to having intelligent and quick solutions for all of your astrology-related problems, consider taking our services. We will offer you a complete range of services through which you can quickly learn the correct solution to your problems.

Online Astrologer

In internal life, we see that many people have financial concerns and prefer to talk with someone easily without spending a heavy amount. Our issues can be about your wedding, finance, job and career, business and profession, love and relationship, and many more. You can talk with an astrologer and ask questions about the problems in your growth in life. If you are looking solution at a place for all such issues, you have reached the right place. You can fix the one-to-one session on our website, as thousands of astrologers are available online to help you.

Always remember that on our platform, we only provide the best astrology services to customers. Highly professional and qualified astrologers with excellent reputations will answer any problem completely. On our website, you can enjoy a wide range of astrology services like tarot card reading and numerology.

We also have Vastu experts and Reiki healers who have been working with us for years and helping people worldwide. Now you do not have to travel anywhere to find certified, high-quality astrology services. You can place an order from your smart device anytime and get professional assistance whenever you want.

You may be upset about the unwanted situations in your life, which causes stress and anxiety. Life is full of ups and downs, and it may overwhelm you, and you want something to deal with. You may also want some spiritual healers to guide you in your life to show you the right path on gloomy days.

For all of your problems, you have reached the right place to find the online astrologer. There might be many life-puzzling questions in your mind to which you are looking for complete answers. For this, you don’t have to go anywhere because we are online and here to help you at any moment. The only thing that you have to do is place the order and fix your session with an online astrologer.

Consultation with an online astrologer can be beneficial because he has a handy solution to all your astrology problems and Vastu. With the help of astrological solutions, you can easily face real-life challenges and find the correct pathway. At our astrology solution platform, you can call the astrologers at your convenience. Customers can also chat and connect with online astrologers to discuss various concerns and get quick and accurate solutions.

Why astrochopra for astrology predictions by date of birth?

Astrology has a province effect in that date of birth can reveal many things about a person, including identity and personality. Through birth date and astrology, one can also find life's most important answers. For example, even after getting the proper qualifications, you cannot secure a suitable position in a particular job.

An astrologer can reveal to you the planet positions according to which you must try in a particular sector to get the desired success and respect in your career and profession. Positions of stars and planets at the time of your birth can significantly impact every event of your life. You will find that an astrologer will also ask you place and time of birth to prepare your accurate Kundli.

Select astrochopra for high-quality astrological services without any compromise in prediction accuracy. We have provided solutions to millions of clients and given answers with great precision to every life problem. Most certified, skilled, and professionally trained astrologers have years of experience. They can easily explain the exact reasons for your routine life issues and give you a solution like guidance. You can deal with your personal and professional problems more effectively after the consultation with astrochopra.

By hiring our professional and accurate astrology services, you can always get the personal attention and care you want for astrological requirements. Every astrologer will be working very closely on the details of your birth chart.

We ensure that the answers are provided with great accuracy and are also meaningful, so you can take action and make better decisions in your life. Multiple methods of calculations are available because our astrologers continually expand their knowledge and skills to one branch of astrology. Indeed, we prefer to go for a detailed and complete study of every branch to find the correct answer and provide you with a more comprehensive and accurate solution to your problem.

Give reference to our astrology services because we have constantly received positive results from clients for our services in the astrology sector. We can reveal the ruling planet and its effects on your life. Individuals can also find their favorable planets and predictions with the help of our intelligent astrology solution, which is available online.

You can also book financial forecasts for the current year and coming years to make wise decisions for investment. Find out the correct career path based on the logical predictions of astrologers. Prepare yourself for a better and healthy life with your family by getting the birth chart astrology. Apart from that, individuals must know that only certified and wealth-trusted astrologers will be helping them.

Why choose our astrology experts?

Astrologer experts at our website have gone through the astrology and Vastu shastra study program. They have also attended regular seminars and research programs to enhance their knowledge of astrology and Vastu Shastra. We conduct regular training sessions and attend workshops at national and international levels through which astrologers find modern solutions that can be very effective with ancient astrology techniques

Always keep in mind; Vedic astrology is deeply rooted in the ancient Vedas system known for wisdom and light man. Through our experts' astrology guidance, you can also find the true path in your life and make table progress to achieve your goals. Astrology experts have years of working experience in this astrology sector and can also study planetary transitions in your Kundli chart and guide you accordingly.

Remember, kundli also has different types of yogas and doshas. Yogas can positively impact the life of natives where, whereas dosha can be very harmful to your personality and traits. You must know about them and make the necessary changes in your routine life to get things to work in your favor.

Our astrology experts quickly discover the yoga and dosha of kundli and tell you about the significant event. You can go for the complete package deals from our astrology experts and get the entire inside about your life's purpose and make essential decisions perfectly to unlock your unlimited potential to make your life meaningful.

Vedic astrology predictions by astrochopra

The origin of Vedic astrology is hidden in ancient religious textbooks, popularly known as Vedas. The birth chart astrology is more appropriate when looking for personal problems. The Vedic astrology predictions are based on the four pillars dharma, artha, kama, and moksha. Every pillar has a distinguish value in life and represents everything from birth to death. Therefore, you can find more appropriate and accurate answers to your problems when you choose Vedic astrology predictions by astrochopra.

Easy and safe: most users prefer to get the solution in Vedic astrology because it is safe to follow everything. Always remember that by using Vedic astrology, you can get the answers to your problems which are accessible. For example, you can wear a particular gemstone or get a healing meditation. Through the personalized reports of expert astrologers, you can discover the actual reasons for the problems.

In our routine life, we want to know about many things like spell casting, gemstone wearing, rudraksha wearing, body and mind healing, birth time rectification, past life regression, ancestral healing, self-love and healing, and many others. Through Vedic astrology, one can find the complete solution of all these things in one place. You do not have to take multiple services when combining all the services at one home with Vedic astrology predictions by Astrochopra.

Accurate Vedic astrology predictions for guidance

Vedic astrology has been with us since history, and we have received great wisdom from Vedas by it. One can use Vedic astrology for the best personal guidance and enlightenment. It includes the study of the planetary transitions and dasha periods. During the Dasha period, one has to go through some particular situations which can bring ups and downs.

Further, it also includes the studies of the auspicious kundli yoga and malefic dosha. You must have seen people suffering from particular problems during every phase of their life. With the help of Vedic astrology, you can always find the correct solution and learn accurate predictions about life at the right time. Users can get a chance to learn about their life and make their decisions based on the logical calculations of their birth chart.

Finding the true path of life

Vedic astrology can be beneficial and reveal life's true path by unlocking one's life's insight. With the help of powerful astrology, one can always discover hidden strengths and personality traits that can be very beneficial.

When taking action, one can always keep his powerful personality traits in mind. One will get the exact directions of putting the effort in life for the best. Individuals can find it very interesting to make character decisions being conscious of the power of astrology. One can always get the entire film and life when making character decisions.

Recognize the power of Vedic astrology for success in life

You will be glad to know that Vedic astrology can help you to live a successful and healthy life. By taking guidance from a professional astrologer, you can invoke the power of cosmic energy by taking the correct actions. It will help you optimize your potential in life, and you can give 100% in everything. The new life will be full of success and the entire film you deserve.

Problems of life and their solution

Astrologer services can start from the simple horoscope and go to any extent like finding the solution to a particular problem in your life. It can include health issues, wealth issues, career problems, love marriage issues, second marriage, journey abroad, settlement abroad, success chances in a particular business or profession, good luck, life partner, inherited property, relation with relatives and friends, partner, marriage life, fame, name, children and thousands of others.

Awake your spiritual and mental powers

Through the correct readings, you can start working in a particular direction in your personal and professional life. You will find that things will start working in your life and you will be able to unlock your completion potential in every sector. With the help of Astrochopra services, one can awaken the spiritual and mental powers through proper readings of the birth chart and deep analysis of the planetary position and kundli dosha and yogas.

Best tool for making decisions in life

You must know that Astrochopra has given the most working, outstanding, and trustworthy services in astrology and Vastu. Making the surroundings positive is necessary when you want to make stable progress in life. It is only possible when you make the correct decision in life with the help of a predicted birth chart. Every decision of your life should be based on the proper calculation and logical calculations can be done by the expert astrologers and vastu experts of Astrochopra.

Flexibility in service packages

The best part about hiring a trusted online astrologer is that you don’t have to put an unwanted load on your pocket. At Astrochopra, individuals can always select the services that they are willing to use. Users get limited charges for the selected services and they don’t have to pay for unwanted astrology packages or services. It means that complete flexibility is there at our astrology website and we keep the transactions well protected.

Years of trust in astrology and Vastu

Astrochopra is another name of trust and faith with years of practice in astrology and vastu sector. Millions of users used and have found the services safe and private. We understand that nothing is more important than privacy for the clients of astrology services. Explore the complete astrology and vastu solution with several other astrology services to reveal the path of success in your life.

Astrochopra's significant services include:

1. Horoscopes (daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes)

Horoscopes tell about the exact position of the various planets on the birth chart, which can significantly impact the users. It includes the part of the Sun, moon, and other solar system planets in the birth chart of the native. One must provide accurate information to get an error-free horoscope. Natives must give the correct date and exact time of birth with the place of birth information.

At Astrochopra, you can take the services of expert and experienced astrologers who have been doing the same work for years and have thousands of contented clients. Online horoscope services are available where users can put the information and ask for a detailed analysis of the entire horoscope. Users can select the daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly options for horoscope predictions. With the help of a detailed analysis of the horoscope, users can get the perfect information they need to make significant life decisions.

2. Kundli

Kundli can help you identify and unlock your potential at the correct time so that you can never miss the fantastic opportunities in your life. It is the reason most people call Kundli the key to success in their life. You can learn many things about the future with the help of proper analysis of your Kundli.

The best part is that you do not have to go anywhere because now this service is available online. You need to provide three essential functions of the information to get the complete analysis of your Kundli. The information must contain the correct birth time, date, and place of birth.

It would help if you considered the various concerns you can resolve with the help of Kundli services. Always remember that in the different faces of life, you need guidance based on logical calculations. For example, you would like to know about education and career.

When you finish establishing your career and profession, you want to know about your married life and wealth creation. Some people want to know about finance and health to lead a meaningful and happy life. Some people want to know about the chances of settling abroad. In the same way, thousands of different concerns can be revealed with the help of Kundli calculations.

3. Kundli matching

Matching the kundli is necessary for couples looking forward to getting married. By knowing about the kundli, one can decide about the life partner. In case of any dosha, they can also seek related remedies like worshipping a particular lord or chanting a mantra with proper rituals. It can make a big difference and bring prosperity to the life of the husband and wife.

If you want complete success in married life with all the prosperity and abundance, you should always consult the astrologer for kundli matching. At our kundli matching services, natives can get lagan matching, koot Milan, and total guna matching which are necessary to study for the success of the marriage life. It can also help the users to eliminate the chances of getting problems after marriage.

4. Panchang

As per the Hindu religion, it is necessary to check the timing of everything and start working only in the excellent lagan. Good lagan means the planets of the concerned person for the concerned task must be placed in a superior position to bring fortune and success in that particular work. For example, performing rituals after the birth of a child, the engagement timing, marriage ritual hours, and starting some work or profession must be done at the right time or muhurta.

One can get the positive universal power through the complete panchang study and timing. It will undoubtedly give good results, and you never have to worry about anything. To perform any ritual or auspicious activity, it is necessary to have a comprehensive knowledge of panchang on a particular day. Only an expert astrologer can adequately analyze a specific day and tell you about the right nakshatra, yoga, and Rahu-kaal.

5. Vastu

Vastu is the study of the direction in context to a particular place which can be a house, plot, or business-related land. As per Vastu, shastra buildings must be created using the Vastu techniques, which provide the ultimate users' benefits, and one can make the positivity of that particular place in favor.

In simple words, Vastu Shastra work on five elements known as panchbhoots. The five elements are earth, water, air, fire, and space which can have a significant impact on the life of someone. If everything is placed and appropriately built using the Vastu principles, it can bring happiness and wealth to the owner and residents.

Vastu Shastra aims to improve a particular place's positive energy impact so that residents can have hire benefits. The complete alignment of the geometric patterns and directions can open a new door to happiness and prosperity in the life of users. A Vastu expert can give you the best advice using the energy of five essential elements.

Vastu shastra is again a wide area to study and an essential branch of astrology. With our Vastu services, you can eliminate any dosha at your place and bring new rays of hope into your life for success.

After making everything as per Vastu Shastra, you can feel the positive vibes, and things will start working correctly. The users already using our services have shared remarkable experiences improving their quality of life. Natives can hire our Vastu expert and get a complete consultation for the site, including the comprehensive house plan, directions, soil testing, and many other things about the local environment.

6. Tarot

At many stages in life, you need answers to some questions that bother you. It can be questions about your love life, marriage, job, success in court cases, career success, or simple day forecasting. Individuals are always curious to know about the things which can happen shortly and have a significant impact on the life of someone. Through tarot card readings, one can find many answers to different situations in life.

Tarot card reading is a process that has been introduced previously in human civilization. Indeed, an ancient deck of cards is used in terror readings, which can successfully answer many questions about someone's life. Most of the time, individuals use this method to learn about their love life and relationship. It is also frequently used to know about health and wellness. Job aspirants also prefer to use it to get proper guidance about their career to work in that direction to achieve success.

At Astrochopra, you can always talk with an expert astrologer who has been practicing tarot card readings for years. One can always find out what the future indicates about their life through card readings. The card reader will do the proper interpretation of every card that you choose. The best part is that beautiful software is available through which you can easily select a card and get the appropriate interpretation without any delay.

Earlier, this work was done by the astrologer manually, which was very time-consuming, and you also had to be physically present there. But now, with the help of online tarot card reading software, you can get it done by sitting at your comfortable place. It will see a lot of time and allow you to know about the future without revealing much information about your identity to the general public. Every reading will be private and will be dedicated to you.

On our website, you can always get Tarot card readers who are blessed with knowledge of tarot cards. We have some of the best tarot card readers in the world who can guide you for good fortune. You can always discover all the essential segments of your life through tarot card readers.

7. Numerology

Numerology is one of the most crucial aspects and areas of study in astrology, providing you with much information about self-discovery and fortune-telling. One can find out the hidden meaning of the natural world using the power of numerology. One can use this branch of astrology to get the proper guidance in life and become something substantial in society. Individuals can also use the power of numerology to see their strengths and weaknesses.

Calculating a perfect number is done based on your date of birth; usually, we have to add all the numbers that are present in your date of birth. And the final number after adding all the members in the date of birth or again added to get the perfect number which can tell you many things about your life. De numerology is based on calculations provided by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. He is also called the father of numerology and has developed different methods.

With the help of a numerology expert, you can learn many things about your life's progress and stability. One can unlock the potential for success and know about life's strengths and weaknesses. You always need an expert to do all these calculations.

You can always take our services as we are experts and have professionals to help you anytime. One can also get numerology aspects based on their names. Through the power of numerology, you can get multiple solutions to the problems you might face in your personal and professional life journey. You can always find your destiny number or expression number with the help of an expert, and it will reveal your life's destiny and purpose.

The perfect interpretation is an art and science, and the numerologist must have enough experience to tell you the right fortune using numerology. You do not have to worry about that because, with our numerology experts, you can get the perfect forecasting and answers. Online consultation is available for numerology, and users can after the best astrologers and numerologists for outstanding interpretations. Thousands of talks are already done, and you can always book your slot through our online services.

8. Zodiac signs

As per the science of astronomy and astrology, the Sun passes through 12 specific constellations known as zodiacs. The study of this zodiac is essential to know about future forecasting. Through the readings of zodiac signs, many things can be revealed about a person's personality.

There are 12 zodiac signs divided into 12 different months of the year. Everybody at the sign has a dedicated month of the year. You can find your honorable zodiac sign if your birth is in that month. For example, if you are born between January 20th to February 17th, your zodiac sign will be Aquarius. And if you are born between June 21st to July 22nd, your zodiac sign will be cancer.

As per astrology beliefs, one can learn many things about the future after going through the position of the Sun, moon, and other planets. Astrologers have a perfect tool to study the impact of these things on your life, known as a horoscope. It is used for the future forecast. It is also interesting that there are 12 different science charts in the 12 other houses of the horoscope. Every symbol is extraordinary and gives a clue about future trades and happenings.

The 12 zodiac signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. After reading every chart and sign, one can find many things about love, romance, education, career, marriage, business, wealth, and health. Based on these readings, one can find many things and get complete information about all the essential segments of life.

One can make the correct decisions based on logical readings of the astrologers. Every zodiac sign has some particular personality traits which are reflected in the personality of the native as well. Everybody excise also has some specific elements which significantly impact the native life. Choosing a profession based on the calculations of zodiac signs can bring prosperity and happiness to the life of natives.

However, exploring the details of every zodiac sign is challenging, and you may have to spend enough time exploring everything. Therefore, you should be careful when hiring the perfect astrologer who can deeply study everything and give you the right results. We work in an ideal team that delivers excellent astrology services based on different styles and aspects, including zodiac sign readings. Therefore, you can always expect to have the best results.


How to order the perfect astrology and Vastu services?

Individuals can always place for the required astrology and Vastu services through the official website of Astrochopra. Placing the order for the services is a straightforward and comfortable process. Individuals can send details in emails or leave chatbot messages. Hotline numbers are also available, where customers can book the slot with the desired astrologer, numerologist, tarot card reader, horoscope expert, and Vastu expert.

What can astrology services do for my life?

It would help if you always had someone to deal with your health issues, like a doctor or medical professional. In the same way, we have multiple problems that are beyond the understanding of an ordinary person. It would help if you had a specialist in astrology and other branches of astrology who can understand the issues in your life through the proper readings of your birth chart and different ways.

By taking the proper astrology services, you can always get the perfect interpretations about the different aspects of your life. Based on these interpretations, you can certainly feel a difference in the quality of your life.

Is it essential to provide accurate information to an astrologer about your birth?

Birth time is essential because an astrologer will study the planetary and cosmic forces. They will also explore the constant motion of different planets, which significantly impact your life, known as Dasha, in the language of astrology. Astrology reports can be other on the extra time and places of birth. Therefore you should provide accurate information about your birth to the concerned astrologer.

You will find that most hospitals declare records of date and birth time is kept. You can also contact your parents to know your birth's exact date and time to get the perfect astrology predictions. However, you can also place the astrology services based on the date of birth. But you are going to get minimal reports based on that. However, it will be very accurate and make upgrading your report easy anytime you get the information.

What types of planets are studied in the astrology and horoscope readings?

You must know that astrology and horoscope readings go through the planetary positions to tell the fortune of someone. There are ten bodies of planets known as the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. Every planet is extraordinary because of the type of energy which they carry. The planet's location can highly influence someone's life on Earth. Astrologers will read the exact positions of these planets in astrology and horoscope readings.