Muhurat Today

09:15 PM - 09:55 PM
Delhi, India
May 2024
Sunrise 05:25:46 AM
Sunset 07:14:19 PM
Muhurat May 29, 2024 (Wednesday)
Day Muhurat
Rudra (1)-Ardra
05:23 AM to 06:19 AM
Ahi (2)-Ashlesha
06:19 AM to 07:14 AM
Mitra (3)-Anuradha
07:14 AM to 08:09 AM
Pitru (4)-Magha
08:09 AM to 09:04 AM
Vasu (5)-Dhanishta
09:04 AM to 10:00 AM
Ambu (6)-Purva Ashadha
10:00 AM to 10:55 AM
Visvadeva (7)-Uttara Ashadha
10:55 AM to 11:50 AM
Abhijit (8)-Abhijit
11:50 AM to 12:45 PM
Vidhata (9)-Rohini
12:45 PM to 01:41 PM
Puruhuta (10)-Jyeshtha
01:41 PM to 02:36 PM
Indragni (11)-Vishakha
02:36 PM to 03:31 PM
Nirriti (12)-Moola
03:31 PM to 04:26 PM
Varuna (13)-Shatabhisha
04:26 PM to 05:22 PM
Aryaman (14)-Uttara Phalguni
05:22 PM to 06:17 PM
Bhag (15)-Poorva Phalguni
06:17 PM to 07:12 PM
Night Muhurat
Girisa (16)-Ardra
07:12 PM to 07:53 PM
Ajapada (17)-Purva Bhadrapada
07:53 PM to 08:34 PM
Ahirbudhnya (18)-Uttara Bhadrapada
08:34 PM to 09:15 PM
Pushan (19)-Revati
09:15 PM to 09:55 PM
Asvi (20)-Ashwini
09:55 PM to 10:36 PM
Yama (21)-Bharani
10:36 PM to 11:17 PM
Agni (22)-Krittika
11:17 PM to 11:57 PM
Vidhaatri (23)-Rohini
11:57 PM to 12:38 AM
Chanda (24)-Mrigashirsha
12:38 AM to 01:19 AM
Aditi (25)-Punarvasu
01:19 AM to 02:00 AM
Jiiva (26)-Pushya
02:00 AM to 02:40 AM
Vishnu (27)-Shravana
02:40 AM to 03:21 AM
Arka (28)-Hasta
03:21 AM to 04:02 AM
Brahma (29)-Chitra
04:02 AM to 04:43 AM
Maruta (30)-Swati
04:43 AM to 05:23 AM

Muhurta: Everything You Need To Know

Muhurta is one of the most important things that can help us decide when to perform an important activity and when to avoid it. It has become a very common thing among the individual native people who believe in astrology and believe in auspicious timing; they prefer to find out the details of Muhurta. Whether you want to perform your activities to bring out good results or success in life, it is important to maintain the holy timing as well. But if you perform all of your important activities at incorrect timing or inauspicious timing, then you will never receive the result that can change your life fully. Rather, you will have to go through a lot of negative consequences and problems, including the ups and downs in life. Therefore, any of you who want to start and finish important work on time should maintain the significance of Muhurta.

Apart from all of these things, as an individual person and as a common man, it is not in our knowledge to find the perfect Muhurta. Taking the guidance of the Pandit or the experienced astrologers, we can decide the favorable time for us. And you can choose any one of your tasks to complete within that limited period of time in a day. It should also be completed without bringing any obstacles. It can also help you to reduce the negative energies or negative impacts of your important activities. Besides that, almost every one of us looks forward to getting positive results after performing each one of the important activities or tasks. We do not want to have any problems or obstacles that can hamper the goodwill of the task. Thus, only the advantage of Muhurta can help us to keep all of the negative energy and negative obstacles away from our lives and tasks.

Significance Of Muhurta

From the ancient period of time, all of the people, even the Pandit and wise people, considered the advantage of Muhurta. Before starting any one of the auspicious tasks or activities, all of these people try to check out the positivity and negativities of the timing. All they want to do is to get all positive results by avoiding the negative results. It is a kind of privilege for everyone to maintain the perfect timing to complete auspicious or favorable activities. Even by deciding the perfect Muhurta and by bringing all of the important things, they perform their task. To bring out the benefits of achieving the goals, this period of Muhurta plays a very important role in everyone's life.

Talking about the significance of the Muhurta, it is immense. Not only that, a lot of people have also asked the question, how do we know what is the perfect timing to perform all of the important tasks or activities of life? The only answer to the question is to take advantage of Pandit or astrologers to bring out the perfect timing or Muhurta. As an audience, we cannot read all of the aspects of astrology and can also go to the deeper knowledge. It is only possible for the astrologers or the Pandit, and they can help us to figure out the perfect and favorable time for us to start activities. To create a new result or to bring out a positive destiny to lead a healthy life, it is important to maintain Muhurta. If you do not give preference to the importance of Muhurta, then you may have to face a lot of challenges or contradictions in life. You may not be able to avoid the negative energies from your life. Rather, your life will be influenced by all of the negative energies.

However, if you do maintain the proper timing and favorable timing on a daily basis, then it is guaranteed you will be successful in whatever you want in your life or to achieve. By fully devoting yourself and maintaining auspicious activities and work, you can go to the far extent of success. You can also create your own success and then lead a very prosperous and healthy lifestyle. There may be a lot of people who know the importance of the Muhurta, and there may be a lot of people who know about the importance of the Muhurta. But according to the present time, it is much more necessary to practice all of the important tasks only by maintaining a favorable time or Muhurta.

Correlations Between Muhurta And Birth Chart

For any one of the native people, the birth chart is one of the most important aspects of their life. Through the advantage of this birth chart, any of you can find out your characteristics, behaviors, personality traits, and any other important details. It is also possible to figure out everything regarding your zodiac sign and which negative and positive traits are within you. Besides that, through the advantage of the birth chart, one can also find out future predictions. Taking the reference of the astrologers and after the study your houses and zodiac sign depending on your time, date and place, they will let you know all the information. At the same time, all of the individual native characteristics will also be able to find out the rule planet in their life.

According to the positions of the planets, stars, and others embodied in the birth chart, people can also find the perfect Muhurta to celebrate important activities. However, you cannot change any one of the incidents in your life, brother. You can do a little bit of modifications. If any negative energy comes into your life or to your path, then taking the help of the Muhurta, you can reduce the influences of all of them. If you want to achieve success or achievements in your most desired activities or works, then you need to perform good things depending on the best Muhurta. To bring out the perfect timing or Muhurta according to the birth chart, the astrologers will also help you to know all of the importance of maintaining the favorable timing.

As we all individual native people know, both happiness and Sorrow are a part of our life, and we all have to go through this period of life. However, sometimes it is in our hands to finish or to start any important task or activity by fully giving our focus on the perfect Muhurta. To avoid negative results or negative energy, only the Muhurta can help us out from any one of our toughest situations. If you perform all of your good deeds or Pooja part by maintaining the favorable will timing, then you will get all of the positive results. Besides that, if you are suffering from any kind of a problem or health issues, then you can also start taking your medicines by maintaining the Muhurta. It might sound a little bit odd, but one can actually find out the positive results of taking medicines by maintaining the Muhurta.

We want to also let the audience know that if you want to know anything about your future and to reduce the bad omen, then do not forget to start or finish your activities from Muhurta. Initially, people can also increase good health and can solve all of the health issues simply by giving the importance of this favorable timing. Astrology has become a very important part of everyone's life, and people consider it to be a growth of success. So these are the connections between the things of the birth chart and Muhurta. Through the benefit of both of these aspects, you can figure out anything and can do whatever you want to do.

Important Things To Be Remembered For Muhurta

There are so many important things that you need to keep in mind regarding the Muhurta. To avoid all of the bad influences of the malefic of the yogas, according to the birth chart, there are so many remedies are also available that people can perform. By performing the remedies one by one and maintaining time and accuracy, it will be much easier for the audience to reduce the bad impacts. Even all of the dosha from our lives will be reduced by maintaining the remedies and performing important activities on Muhurta. Even by maintaining auspicious and favorable timings, one can also get the positive result on any particular path. Therefore, it is much more necessary for the individual native people to figure out the best timing. By taking the help of the astrologers or Pandit, you can find out your favorable timing for celebrating all of your important work.

By finding out the most accurate Muhurta, people can also reduce the bad influences of anything that can hamper they are life or prevent them from achieving goals or success. However, it is also important to know that if you do not maintain a favorable time to perform your task, then you need to also go through the negative consequences in life. It can also create a Bad Influence on your destiny. If you want to protect your future, then you will also have to give your full focus on the remedies and need to perform them well. Eventually, in the end, you will get all of the positive results by maintaining the Muhurta in your life. In fact, there are also some other important things related to this Muhurta, and you need to pay attention to all of them one by one.

What Can Change Muhurta's Results?

By maintaining the favorable Muhurta, the maximum number of native people can also bring out changes in their lives. They can correct their living by performing all of the important activities by maintaining favorable timing. However, sometimes, we may also have to face negative energies or negative points that are not in our control. Suppose you want to get married. Then, at first, you need to figure out the perfect Muhurta to get married. By performing all of the rituals and things correctly one by one, you can lead a happy married life. But still, there can appear negative results in your married life after performing all of the things correctly or if you do not bring out the favorable Muhurta to complete your marriage. To start a new journey with your partner, it is important to find the best Muhurta. Otherwise, both of the partners will have to face all of the consequences or problems together. They can also lead an unhappy or unhealthy married life together. It can also lead them to face daily debates or arguments with each other. Consequently, they can also face the problem of divorce.

If you do not want to face the problem of divorce or separation, then you should maintain the importance of Muhurta. Before starting a new journey or married life with your partner, you should consult with an Astrologer or Pandit to get a favorable time to get married to each other. The rest of their life will be much healthier and happier, and together, both of the partners can enjoy life to the fullest.

Importance Of Muhurta In Pooja

According to the Vedic astrology or Western astrology, the Muhurta is one of the most significant parts of a Puja. The rituals and performances of Pooja will not be completed if it is not maintained in inaccurate timing. As a people, you will have to start your pooja at the right time and need to finish it before that time. All of the ritual ceremonies and other important works will also have to be completed within the favorable time. Besides that, by maintaining all of the ritual ceremonies and perfect Muhurta, it will be easier for the devotees to get the best and positive results. Here are some important that people are still continuing as the ancient people have also followed the same kind of methods.

In comparison with the Vedic days, all of the performers perform their Pooja and Yagnas by maintaining the timing of the Muhurta. People who have some kind of influence on the planets and have dosha in their birth chart will have to pay some extra attention before performing Pooja on Muhurta. There can also appear negative energies or negative aspects during the pooja, but if you do maintain all of the things correctly and Muhurta, then you can avoid all such things.

Each one of the individual native people can also remove all of the negative energies by successfully performing the pooja by having all of the important stuff.

Even the perfect Muhurta can also have the individual native people make the right decisions and can also help them boost their confidence level. At first, you need to bring out all of the things that are needed to complete a pooja, and you need to start all of the rituals and ceremonies from time to time and complete them all one by all. After successfully finishing the pooja part in your house or anywhere else, you can expect to receive the blessings of God and the positive energies in your life.

Different Types Of Muhurta

Now, there are some different types of Muhurta, and each one of the Muhurta has its own significance and importance. Each can also provide positivity in your life and can also help you to achieve all of your desires and requirements. However, before performing any one of your tasks, especially the Pooja, you need to select the type of Muhurta and then start your Pooja at your house or office. Let us find out the different types of Muhurta in detail.

Choghadiya Muhurta

For all of the native people who want to start immediate work for themselves to establish their career all life, then this is the perfect Muhurta for all of. In different types of parts of India, this particular Muhurta is identified as the auspicious time for numerous native people. Besides that, all of the favorable times are also considered as choghadiya. At the same time, it is also described as one and a half hours, equal to the 3.75 ghats. In fact, there are some Shubh Muhurta that is identified as Shub, Lubh and Amrit. There are also some inauspicious Muhurta that are identified as Kal, Rog and Udveg.

Brahma Muhurta

The Brahma Muhurta is identified as one and a half hours before sunrise. As per the Ayurveda, there are three different doshas in our body, and they are identified as pitta, vata and kapha. Within the whole 24 hours, each one of the dosha in our life increases the influences of bad impacts between 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. It is identified as the Vata period. And just after that, the Brahma Muhurta starts. However, to increase the high energy and positivity during the Brahma Muhurta, you can take advantage of yoga or meditation.

Abhijit Muhurta

The Abhijit muhurt is the best time when you can engage yourself in meetings or in any kind of investment. This is the best time of the day when you can start a new work for yourself. Besides that, by engaging in important activities during the Abhijit Muhurta, people will get all of the positive results in return.

Rahu Muhurta

The Rahu Muhurta is identified as an unfavorable or inauspicious time to perform any one of our important works. People should avoid performing all of the important activities, even the pooja part as well. At this particular time, people should not also involve themselves in business transactions because they will face negative aspects. However, those people who are already in Rahu Kaal can perform their tasks.

Shubh Hora

The Shubh Hora is the most auspicious part of the whole day. It is the best time for celebrating all of your important tasks, including marriage, rituals and other ceremonies. For starting a new beginning, the importance of Shubh Muhurta is indescribable.


These are the significant details regarding the Muhurta that each one of the individual native people should understand. Those native people who are wondering about each and every single specific detail regarding the Muhurta can all find out here today. For all of the individual native people, we have described the important details that will help them to clear the concept of Muhurta.

Frequently Asked Questions

The special thing about the Muhurta trading is when auspicious festivals come and start with a new beginning.

The main purpose of Muhurta is to perform all of the rituals and important activities at the right and ideal time when all of the things will be in favor of a native person.

Yes, of course, during the Muhurta trading, all of the native people could sell their stocks or any other important things.

During the time of Muhurta, all of the planets come in a single line and also bring out positivity and prosperity in the life of native people who perform important rituals and works.

The Muhurta trading comes on the occasion of Diwali for only one hour for exchanging stocks or selling or buying stocks.